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JobsPeopleDo strives to be a one stop career resource site for our 1.8 million plus Canadian K – 12 students, who are identifying their career options. 

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Jobs People Do is the educator’s link for student career information. The friendly one stop career resource also helps school career/guidance counsellors and teachers to look at jobs that match their students interests, by helping them discover the means by which they can attain those jobs: from subjects they need to take in high school, to the career colleges, universities, and colleges that offer the degree/diploma and training they will need. Students develop skills by getting involved in research, inquiry, problem-solving and the decision making process in planning for their future in one location.


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What Products are Available?

Jobs People Do is available for Grades K – 7, Grades 8 – 12 or Grades K-12

Site Features:

  • Over 500 job videos allowing students an inside look at diverse occupations

  • Over 300 job profiles complete with an overview of recommended courses and approximately salary expectations

  • Career quizzes that help identify career choices based on work abilities, learning styles and work values

  • Relevant and constant updates with student-written editorials on issues such as scholarships and volunteering

  • Resume builder with time management calendar for students complete with templates and personal login

  • Overview of Career Colleges, Colleges and Universities

Resources Available a la carte as additions to the core collection
Jobs People Do Grades 6-12 K-12

Additional Information

Read the Jobs People Do Terms of Use here.

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