Raven Tales

Simon Daniel James; Chris Kientz
Raven Tales is an engaging and compelling series of graphic novels based on the Emmy-nominated Canadian television series. Suitable for grades 3 through 7, each of the 26 novels is highly illustrated with colourful scenes, and features well-developed and well-known characters such as Raven and Coyote the tricksters, and Frog and Eagle, the wise elders. The stories use modern, child-friendly language, and will engage both male and female readers. The themes are simple and relevant, with most stories teaching a life lesson or moral, and addressing environmental and ecological issues. The series caters to all learning styles, provides ample opportunity for learning about Aboriginal content, and affords opportunities for cross-curricular studies in Social Studies and Science. This excellent child-friendly series will enhance students’ understanding of Aboriginal cultures.

Indigenous, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 3-7