Member Contact Roles

What are Member Contact Roles?

Member contact roles are categories identified for the purpose of communicating vital information related to your Focused ED membership. We know members are busy, so we try to target communications to the person with decision-making or information-sharing responsibility for a specific activity.

A role may align with a contact’s job title however it is not always the case.


How are Member Contact Roles Assigned?

Some of the designated contact roles are easy to assign because they match the person’s job title. Others are related to the areas of responsibility. While these vary, districts and schools identify the best contact for the roles identified.


Types of Member Contact Roles

Your district/school may not have a contact for each of the roles below. We aim to identify as many as we can.

Accounts Payable - Finance/accounting staff responsible for invoicing and payments.

CIO – A lead who works with information technology to support district/school technology goals.

Educational Technology - Often an educator, such as district teacher-librarian, media-specialist, or curriculum/ tech innovation specialist. This person is responsible for selection/support of digital learning resources for classroom instruction (i.e., BC Digital Classroom).

Facilities - Staff person responsible for overall management of district/school operations, grounds and facilities maintenance, and custodial operations.

Finance - Receives copies of finance related communication but does not necessarily process the invoices.

French Immersion - An educator responsible for delivery of French Language programs.

Indigenous Education - An educator such as a District Principal of Indigenous Education, Assistant Superintendent, or director with responsibility for the area.

Learning Resource - Usually an educator who is responsible for selecting learning resources for instruction.

Operational Technology - An IT staff person responsible for implementation and support of enterprise and systems software.

Primary - Staff who receives a copy of all communication sent out by Focused ED.

Principal - For Independent and First Nations Schools, the school Principal.

Privacy - CIO, IT, Secretary Treasurer, or educator. In a few larger districts, this is a designated title. Responsible for privacy breaches and developing PIAs.

Procurement - Someone responsible for procurement processes.

Professional Learning - An educator responsible for coordinating/facilitating professional learning opportunities.

Representative – Either the individual or role of who signed the membership agreement with Focused ED (i.e., if it was signed by the Head of School who has left the school since, the new Head of School will automatically inherit this role).

Secretary Treasurer – Secretary Treasurer for that district.

Superintendent – Superintendent for that district.

Transportation – Responsible for implementation and management of safe, efficient, and reliable student transportation solutions and services (i.e., school bussing).


How do I Update my District/Schools Member Contacts?

Email with details including which contact(s) you are looking to update, and which role(s) should be assigned to each.

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