Una Huna? What is This?

Ukpik, a young Inuit girl, is excited when her camp gets new utensils through trading with a boat from the south and enjoys trying them with her friends, but becomes concerned that things are changing. She seeks her grandmother who assures her that trade and learning about the outside world is a positive change for their community, but that the camp and her family will always be the same. This Canadian picture book by Susan Aglukark demonstrates that change and caution are okay and help us progress, and deals with themes of family, traditions, connection to community, and culture. Useful as a read-aloud, stand-alone story for stronger readers, or part of a unit on cultures or Inuit people.
Northern families
camp communities
polar areas
tundra areas
Inuit history
Indigenous languages
early Northern trade
trying new things
uncertainty about progress
supportive trade relationships
first Inuit utensils
huskies as pets
sharing traditional ways
respecting elders
Aglukark, S.
Primary Identifier
Applied Design, Skills & Technology