Darkest Part of the Forest, The

A contemporary fairytale, “The Darkest Part of the Forest” tells a story set in a place where humans and fairies co-exist, a place that draws in tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the Folk and look at the glass coffin in the woods. But something sinister is afoot in Fairfold, and Hazel and Ben—experienced monster hunters—must save the town. Descriptive language, complex conflicts, and an engaging storyline highlight the themes of familial tensions, false friendships, first love, and striving to live one’s potential. Appropriate for senior secondary students, the book lends itself well for an independent novel study or as part of a literature circle. Themes such as identity, familial expectations, morality, and sexuality can invite students to think critically, creatively, and reflectively and may inspire creative writing activities in the classroom.
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Black, H.
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English Language Arts