Greetings, Leroy

A story told through the messages sent from one friend to another, “Greetings, Leroy,” explores how scary it can be coming to a new country, and it highlights how you don’t have to abandon your culture, identity, and history to be yourself. When Roy moves to Canada from Jamaica, he is nervous and excited about his new life. He writes to his friend, Leroy, allowing readers to understand how he’s feeling about his new school, the friends he misses, and his idol, Bob Marley. Suitable for students across all elementary-grade levels, the story’s themes of cultural identity, immigration, friendship, and diversity lend themselves to classroom discussions about friendship, inclusion, diversity, or starting at a new school. The story may inspire writing activities that mimic the book’s style or research opportunities where children may learn about a famous person from another country.
Sadu, I.
Primary Identifier
English Language Arts