Professional Learning Support

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Professional Learning Team

The Professional Learning Team provides sessions to support the integration of learning technologies into instruction, with a focus on BC Digital Classroom core resources, and on the special Science e-resources (TigTag/Twig). Contact the Professional Learning Team for services including Pro-D day, full day, half day or 75-minute sessions with presentations and hands-on exploration targeting your District’s needs.


Join our team for after school webinar sessions. Watch for information on the schedule here.

Not able to join us in real-time? All sessions are archived on our Vimeo page.

Video Clips & Templates

Below are short video clips and PowerPoint templates that enable you to further explore the resources and to customize presentations for your District or school.

Introduction to Gale in Context Image
Introduction to Gale In Context
Demo – Exploring Explora and EBSCOHost
Demo – Exploring Explora and EBSCOHost
Demo World Book Kids: Engaging Early Learners image
Demo – World Book Kids: Engaging Early Learners
Exploration of SAMR Model image
Exploration of SAMR Model

Additional Resources

Reference materials created to guide your planning:

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