Several e-resources are licensed for direct teacher use only. The resources require teachers to use a special authentication code or password to create their accounts.

They can be accessed from links on the BC Digital Classroom Access page and include:

  • Tig Tag Jr (K-2), Tig Tag (3-5) and Twig (6-9) Science. Available to BC school districts
  • IDÉLLO (Fr. Immersion K-7). Available to BC school district French Immersion K-7
  • Live it Earth (Fr. Immersion K-7  and English K-7) Available to BC public school French Immersion K-7 and all school districts and independent school members English K-7
  • My Blueprint Canadian Post-Secondary and Occupation Database (10-12) Available to all BC Digital Classroom Core Collection subscribers.

All of these, except for Tig Tag Jr and Tig Tag, enable teachers to roster their students to provide resource access or to create links in assignments.

Login Information is provided to designated contacts in school districts and independent schools, for sharing with teachers through a secure portal or direct communication.

For Designated Contacts

Sign in with your Focused ED member account to access the login and password information.