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Great news for Focused Education members yet again! ArcGIS Online is now available for use in teaching and learning in British Columbia at no charge to schools.

This is because Focused Education has entered into a partnership with Esri Canada for the use of this product, along with the technical support and professional development opportunities their Education and Research group provide.

ArcGIS Online enables students to collaborate in creating, editing and sharing interactive Web maps. It provides an engaging environment that encourages students to analyze, question and communicate information on various topics and issues.

What Products are Available?

Click here to see the Focused Education Evaluation Report on ArcGIS for Secondary

Click here to see the Focused Education Evaluation Report on ArcGIS for Elementary

ArcGIS Online provides an easy yet effective way to bring spatial literacy and geographic inquiry into the K-12 classroom. It creates a collaborative and engaging environment that encourages students to visualize, analyze and understand geographic patterns and processes. Through the creation and use of maps, students develop higher order thinking skills that are essential to addressing environmental, social and economic issues in the 21st century workplace.

ArcGIS Online is highly intuitive and simple to use. It does not require extensive training and can be accessed via secure login from any Internet device, allowing students access to GIS technology in the classroom, at home and outside for field work. For your convenience, Esri Canada offers a variety of ready-to-use lessons on a range of K-12 curriculum themes that guide your students through every step of the discovery process using ArcGIS Online.

Because data is hosted in the cloud, Focused Education members must consider and fulfil their obligations under the Privacy legislation of the province.

How Do I Access This Agreement?

Districts and/or schools wishing to participate in this agreement must:

  1. Appoint a primary Contact for the agreement for their District or Independent School.

  2. Review the ArcGIS license agreement and then sign a copy of the Authorized User Acknowledgment Statement on page 18 of the agreement, agreeing to compliance with the terms of the license. A copy of the full license agreement including the Authorized User Acknowledgement Statement on page 18 can be found here:

  3. Once signed by an authorized representative of your Independent school or District, please send the completed form to

  4. Upon receipt of your signed form, Focused Education will send complete instructions for accessing the ArcGIS program.

How Do Educators Access This Product?

Educators can register their subscription to this product here

Where Can I Get More Information?

For further information about this agreement please contact Focused Education at

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