Frequently Asked Questions

Does my district/school/organization qualify for membership?

Focused Education Resources has two types of membership:

  1. Voting Membership in which all 60 BC School Districts participate and;
  2. Associate Membership available to registered independent and First Nations schools throughout BC

What services does Focused ED offer?

Focused ED enables school districts and independent schools to harness the power of collective service procurement; access a wide range of privacy, security, technology, and educational resources; engage in professional development, and build collaborative relationships with peers.

Does it cost to become a member?

Yes there is a membership fee that is invoiced annually on July 1st. Fees are based off student FTE.

Does membership provide access to the Zoom License and Digital Classroom?

Membership is required to access the education Zoom license and before licensing the Digital Classroom. There are separate fees for Zoom and the Digital Classroom.

Is my district/school already a member?

Visit the Members Directory page to view a listing of our current members.

How does my school/organization apply to become a member?

Click here to view the Associate Membership package. Email your completed application form (page 7 of the package) to

What are member contact roles?

Member contact roles are categories identified for the purpose of communicating vital information related to your Focused ED membership. Click here for more information on member contact roles.

Why does Focused ED need a list of designated member contacts?

Focused ED communicates time-sensitive and important  information to our members on a regular basis. We know members are busy, so we try to target communications to the person with decision-making or information-sharing responsibility for a specific activity. This contact information enables us to do that.

Member Access

Get access to enhanced member-only content with a user account:

  • Member Directory
  • Evaluated Resources
  • PIA Templates & Resources
  • Procurement Agreements