Focused Education provides services that support quality education, economies of scale, cost-effectiveness, and time-saving solutions, all with the primary goal of benefiting our members and optimizing their resources to achieve significant impacts and benefits in the delivery of K-12 education. 

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Our Members 

Our Members are from BC School Districts, Independent & First Nations Schools, and the K-12 education sector in Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Through the Focused Education membership, our members gain the advantage of accessing services and resources from a trusted source that specifically caters to the need of the K-12 system. 

Member Directory

  • Voting Members: School Districts are voting members. 
  • Associate Members: Yukon and the Northwest Territories are associate members.  Independent & First Nations schools in BC are eligible for associate membership. 

Interested in becoming an associate member? View the Associate Membership package

To apply, email your completed application form to

Member Directory

Focused Education encourages opportunities for our members to build collaborative relationships with colleagues. You can check if your organisation is a member by searching our member directory

If your organization is a member, you can create an account to login to access contact information for fellow members. 

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Member Benefits

We offer a comprehensive suite of resources and opportunities for our members. As we regularly add new ones, be sure to check back often. 

K-12 Evaluated Resources

A collection of educators’ assessments of fiction, non-fiction and digital resources to support the K-12 curriculum.

Learning Resource Selection

We created this professional resource to support informed, thoughtful decision-making about classroom resource selection.

Digital Classroom

Quality digital resources for classroom instruction and learning. 


Sector-wide procurement saves members time and provides access to best-in-class products and services at preferential pricing. 

Privacy Templates & Resources

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates, learning tools, information resources and more.

Technology Leadership

Our experts monitor emerging technologies and opportunities for optimizing IT systems, cybersecurity and information privacy.

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Focused Education Resources offers two types of membership:

  1. Voting Membership, with participation from all 60 BC School Districts.
  2. Associate Membership, available to registered independent and First Nations schools across BC. Yukon and the Northwest Territories are included as associate members. 

We enable school districts and independent schools to harness the power of collective service procurement; access a wide range of privacy, security, technology, and educational resources; engage in professional development, and build collaborative relationships with peers.

You can check if your organisation is a member by searching our members directory

If your organisation is a member, you can create an account to login to access member-only content. 

Yes there is a membership fee that is invoiced annually on July 1st. Fees are based off student FTE. Click here to view the Associate Membership package

Membership is required to access the education Zoom license and before licensing the Digital Classroom. There are separate fees for Zoom and the Digital Classroom.

The information included in our directory is related to member contact roles, aiming to help us identify the most suitable point of contact within each district/school. We understand members have busy schedules, so we direct our communications to the person with decision-making or information-sharing responsibility for the specific activities. If you are aware of any changes in contact information, you can request an update for the contact information here. 

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We offer our members with unique collaboration and professional development opportunities designed specifically to propel the K-12 education system, ultimately creating the best possible experience for staff and students.

Members Directory

Opportunities to forge collaborative relationships with peers. Uncover potential partnerships, exchange valuable insights, and establish meaningful connections.

IT4K12 Conference

A platform for educators and IT professionals to come together and gain new insights from peers and vendors on harnessing the benefits of education technology.

Networking Opportunities

Viva Engage (Yammer) Groups for informal networking and discussion with updates on procurement agreements, supply chain information, privacy matters, and IT initiatives.

Member Access

Get access to enhanced member-only content with a user account:

  • Member Directory
  • Evaluated Resources
  • PIA Templates & Resources
  • Procurement Agreements