Focused Education offers a range of services to members for the evaluation,  licensing, access and use of resources to support curriculum and instruction. 

This includes:

  • Full access to the K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection, to select materials for classroom use
  • Members, with a license to the Digital Classroom, have access to safe, curated, quality digital resources to support the delivery of B.C. curriculum.  
  • We offer professional learning opportunities through our annual IT4K12 conference, webinars, presentations at regional conferences, and video references. 

Our Selecting Learning Resources for the Classroom course provides guidance for teachers on making their own resource selections.

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Digital Classroom Collection

The Digital Classroom core collection contains a set of quality digital reference resources that have been evaluated for their usefulness in supporting B.C. curriculum and instruction. Members have the option to license additional à la carte resources at special pricing.

Teachers and students can access these resources from school or home. 

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Access Code Information

Several of the resources in the Digital Classroom core collection are for direct teacher instructional use only. These require a one-time authentication code to create a teacher account. Login with your Focused Education member account to access these special authentication codes.

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K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection

Focused Education evaluates print and digital learning resources for classroom instruction. We do not approve resources. We provide criteria-based information to inform decision-making by districts, schools, and teachers.

Note that the Resource Evaluation request form is temporarily unavailable as we update our systems. 

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Selecting Learning Resources Course

Whether a new or experienced teacher, our Selecting Learning Resources for the Classroom course provides a professional guide to support you in:

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Professional Learning Support

The Professional Learning Team (PLT) offers sessions for educators on district professional development days, and 'on demand' when availability permits. We support the integration of learning technologies into instruction, with a focus on the Digital Classroom core resources. We also provide sessions on IDÉLLO for French Immersion K-7; and Live it Earth for English and French K-7. View tip sheets, how-to videos, and webinar schedules.

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Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) Course Database

Focused Education hosts the BAA Course database for provincial access. Board/Authorities may choose to submit and share approved BAA courses. Board/Authorities are responsible for uploading courses, maintaining version control and for requesting the removal of any delisted courses.

Any school or district accessing BAA courses on the Sharing Platform must seek approval from their Board or Authority to deliver the course locally, as per existing policy for BAA courses.

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Anti-Racism Learning Resources

Focused Education worked with an advisory committee to identify and/or develop resources aligned with BC’s K-12 curriculum that improve the representation of racialized communities and promote a more comprehensive understanding of anti-racism, human rights, and diverse cultural experiences, histories, and contributions. The resources reviewed for this project represent a “snapshot in time” (May 2022) and we acknowledge that new and valuable resources are being created all the time and therefore are not reflected in this summary. 

All resources are posted to the ShareEdBC site.

Project Summary Resource Sheet

Member Access

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