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Focused Education offers a suite of resources and informational tools to promote the secure use of technology within schools in ways that protect privacy and cultivate a safe, thriving educational environment.

The purpose of this section of our website is to support members to build their capacity, knowledge and skills to successfully implement privacy and security best practices.

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Protecting the privacy of students, teachers and staff is an important priority within the K-12 environment.

Focused Education supports members to use today’s new tools and programs in ways that will protect privacy and personal information, creating a safe and vibrant educational environment. This section brings together valuable resources, including Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates, Privacy Management Program guides, learning tools, and informational resources, to meet the privacy challenges of today and build a thriving privacy culture.

PIA Templates

Focused Education creates Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates that assist members with privacy management compliance. 

Privacy Resource Centre

Focused Education provides privacy resources supporting our members to understand privacy risks and use technology more safely.

Privacy Management Program

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) mandates BC public bodies to create a privacy management program (PMP), a dynamic framework ensuring privacy through the personal information lifecycle.

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Focused Education provides members with tools and services to support the technical implementation of licensed digital resources. 

We host virtual and in-person opportunities to foster networking and sharing among technology leaders. From these conversations, we identify potential opportunities for future collaboration, services, and resource development.

Digital Classroom Support

The Digital Classroom core collection contains a set of quality digital reference resources that have been evaluated for their usefulness in supporting B.C. curriculum and instruction. Get support with access or adding a resource page to your site.

Fortinet Education Resources

Canadian school boards and private schools are able to train education staff to be cyber-informed with Fortinet’s Award-Winning Security Awareness and Training Service, which is available at no cost.

Networking Opportunities

Focused Education facilitates webinar presentations featuring members and invited experts, and Viva Engage (Yammer) groups for informal networking and discussion. We also host planning and networking sessions on topics of interest for individuals with specific roles and responsibilities.

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Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is Focused Education’s extensive collection of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) templates, Privacy Management Program (PMP) guidance documents, forms, checklists, information sheets and other resources on the topics of Privacy and Technology.

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Privacy Management Program

Discover an overview of obligations, roles and definitions, paired with a guide to implement the seven components of a Privacy Management Program (PMP).

What's New

Privacy and technology practices are regularly evolving. Stay up to date on the latest news and resources from Focused Education, as well as updates from B.C.’s Information and Privacy Commissioner and the provincial government.

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  • Privacy Management Program has launched.  Learn More
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  • BC K-12 Privacy: Join our Viva Engage (Yammer) groups for informal networking and discussion for individuals actively engaged in privacy related work and responsibilities. Learn More
  • Digital Classroom PIA Template.  Learn More

Privacy Updates 

BC’s Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) offers the latest news and updates on privacy for the public and private sectors. Learn more

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Security Updates

A weekly security news brief from various news sources compiled by the Government of British Columbia. Learn more

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