Focused Education represents a collaboration of K-12 School Districts, First Nations and Independent schools. Our goal is to leverage the aggregate purchasing volumes of the sector to obtain price and administrative efficiencies.

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Agreements Directory

Focused Education Resources sources, vets, and negotiates contracts for our members, covering: areas such as: operations, facilities, hardware, IT Services, software, operational supplies, and transportation.

Our initiative extends beyond mere cost savings, focusing on the procurement of quality resources and services. By harnessing our collective bargaining power, we not only achieve better financial terms but also ensure alignment with our members' long-term goals and values.

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Procurement Resources

Recognizing that our members deal with many of the same issues in day-to-day operations (e.g., contracting for minor and major capital improvements, retaining consultants, entering into software licenses, arranging for student transportation, etc.) but vary in size, in complexity, and in resources available to devote to procurement activities, we saw an opportunity to cost-effectively procure and make available to you, our members, a broadly useful suite of procurement documents, templates, and guides that have been vetted by legal counsel.

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Online Ordering

The Digital Classroom Collection contains a set of quality digital reference resources that have been evaluated for their usefulness in supporting B.C. curriculum and instruction. It is offered as a bundled license with a central point of access to bring a cost-effective solution to Focused Education members. Focused Education is also pleased to offer member pricing for Zoom licenses. Members can order these licenses online. 

Complete your BC Digital Classroom Online Order

For additional information about the BC Digital Classroom, click here.

Complete your Zoom Licensing Online Order

For additional information about the agreement with Zoom, click here.

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Information for Suppliers

Focused Education represents a diverse coalition of K-12 School Districts, First Nations, and Independent schools. Our collaboration is grounded in a shared vision: to leverage our combined purchasing power, bringing unparalleled value to each educational institution we represent. 

We invite suppliers to become integral partners in this endeavor, contributing to an ecosystem that prioritizes quality, affordability, and efficiency. In doing so, we collectively enhance the educational environment, making superior resources accessible while upholding fiscal responsibility and administrative efficacy.

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