Digital Classroom Collection

The Digital Classroom Collection contains a set of quality, curated digital resources for teaching and learning in support of B.C. curriculum and instruction.

The collection is offered as a bundled license with a central point of access to bring a cost-effective solution to Focused Education members.

School Districts and independent schools who subscribe to the Digital Classroom core collection have the option to license additional à la carte resources at special member pricing.

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The Digital Collection

Here is information on product content and suitable grade ranges. View reference charts for a quick visual summary.

Live It Earth (EN/FR)

Live It Earth Logo

Live It Earth brings the natural world to life through video and 'live' events!

  • Dynamic Online Programs: Engaging students with the natural world through 'live' sessions. Supporting teachers with lesson guides and expertise.
  • Educationally Rich: Cross-curricular, inquiry-based content that includes Indigenous perspectives, offering a comprehensive approach to learning.
  • Monthly Innovations: Fresh and exciting topics each month, encouraging ongoing curiosity and care for the environment.


KnowBC is a set of encyclopedia and non-fiction publications focused on the history and natural history of British Columbia. 

Teachers and students have direct access to Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese.

Gale In Context: Canada

Provides an immersive platform for exploring a wide array of Canadian subjects, from history and culture to contemporary issues, through a rich collection of reference materials, articles, and multimedia content, all curated with a Canadian perspective. 

World Book Découverte

Une base de données dédiée en français qui s'intègre facilement avec Kids, offrant des articles faciles à lire, des milliers d'images et des activités supplémentaires, idéale pour les jeunes utilisateurs francophones et ceux apprenant la langue.

TWIG Science and Math Grades 6-9

Over 1,000+ award-winning, 3-minute videos that combine visual and adaptive learning, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals, and other classroom resources. This resource will enrich and support classroom instruction

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Learn More 

Digital Classroom Overview Video

Why use the Digital Classroom collection for teaching and learning? This 2 minute video highlights key aspects of the collection, and its fit with BC Curriculum.

NFB CAMPUS K-12 and NFB Media School

NFB CAMPUS enriches education with a vast collection of documentaries and animations, offering engaging, real-world content for diverse learning experiences. NFB Media School guides students through the steps of research, storyboarding and digital media creation. 

User Guide (EN)       User Guide (FR)

  • NFB CAMPUS access: Teachers and students can access NFB Education videos directly from school, and with a login from home.
  • Teacher CAMPUS tools: Teachers can create an account to access extensive CAMPUS videos and instructional supports.
  • NFB Media School access: Students require their own login, and parental permission should be sought for under 13 year olds if using this with Grades 6-7 students. 

Live it Earth K-7 FR/EN

Live It Earth's bilingual suite offers dynamic, place-based learning with cross-curricular content, Indigenous insights, and customizable materials, enhanced by a curriculum-aligned search feature and eight new annual programs.

  • This resource is free for use by K-7 teachers in all school districts, the Yukon Dept. of Education, Northwest Territories, and our Independent school members.*
  • Access: Teachers need to enter an authentication code and district/school email address to set up an account. Subsequent logins will require district/school email address and your selected password. This information is for K-7 teachers and not to be shared publicly.
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IDÉLLO French Immersion K-8

IDÉLLO includes over 15,000 French language educational materials: videos, games, websites, applications, teaching tools. Video content is relevant and categorized according to subject matter and school grade.

The resource is free to K-8 French Immersion teachers, who are in B.C. public school districts, between July 2022-June 2025*

Login to Access IDÉLLO

Create Your Account   Tutoriel  Instructions

Create Student Groups and Accounts  Tutoriel    Instructions


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“The resources in the Digital Classroom offer great peace of mind, because all align with the curriculum. Teachers don’t have to second guess whether they are appropriate, which isn’t always the case with Googling something or Youtube.” 

— Maxine Malmberg, District Resource Librarian, SD 5 Southeast Kootenays

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Read information on product content and grade ranges. View reference charts for a quick visual summary.


  1. From school, you have direct access to the resources.
  2. From home, use the login information provided by your district or school.



To create seamless and maintenance free integration of the Digital Classroom resources into your own school or district web page: 

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Learning Opportunities

We’re committed to helping our members make the most of our offerings, so we create wrap-around services. We don’t just curate an amazing Digital Classroom collection; we create webinars to help people use it. 

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