Analytics Dashboard

Focused ED provides District and Independent school lead contacts with access to a Dashboard to view your use of the BC Digital Classroom Core Collection resources.*

What is the Benefit of Viewing the Dashboard?

  • To understand which resources are being used and by which school sites
  • To develop targeted professional learning opportunities 
  • To contact Focused ED's Professional Learning Team with specific workshop requests

Getting Started:

  • The Getting Started Guide contains information on how to access and use the dashboard
  • District and Independent School member contacts have been provided unique credentials and are responsible for managing this access

Login: Analytics Dashboard - Login   Select 'Login with Elastic Search' on the screen

Technical details:

*Note that meaningful data is dependent on using one of the two recommended access methods. See Technical Details section above. 

Member Access

Get access to enhanced member-only content with a user account:

  • Member Directory
  • Evaluated Resources
  • PIA Templates & Resources
  • Procurement Agreements