How Does a Member Submit a Resource for Evaluation?

Members can request an evaluation of resources that they intend to use in the classroom for instruction and/or student assignments with a whole class or groups of students.

We first review these requests for relevancy, currency, availability of distribution, provincial wide scope, and general classroom suitability before scheduling a resource into the evaluation process.

Submit a Resource


Who Evaluates Resources?

Focused Education evaluators are selected and appointed by the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF). Once appointed, Focused ED provides evaluators with two online evaluator training courses. Following the training, evaluators are assigned in pairs to conduct the resource evaluations.

Educators interested in becoming an evaluator should view the BC Teachers Federation webpage for information on the application process, which occurs between January – March most years. Posting closed as of Feb. 23, 2023. Watch in January 2024 for next posting.

We seek evaluators from all regions of the province, and encourage applications from teachers with diverse representation and experience.


What Resources Do We Evaluate?

We evaluate print and digital resources for classroom use with a focus on novels, picture books, and reference materials. We evaluate educational websites which are publicly accessible or accessible through anonymized logins, and are not fee-based. Resources which are included in the BC Digital Classroom Collection have been evaluated for use, as part of the procurement process.

Resource evaluation is an ongoing process. Social issues emerge that prompt a new review of social considerations. Digital resources evolve that require fresh attention. Depending on when a resource was written or when it was evaluated, it may be that reviews contain information and terminology that seems dated. As capacity permits, we review earlier records for relevancy. And at all times, we encourage teachers to read the evaluations and determine the best fit for their classroom. See our Selecting Learning Resources for the Classroom professional resource, to guide personal practice and reflection.

Where Are the Evaluation Records?

Resources that have been evaluated and have met the evaluation criteria will have a full evaluation review, available for viewing or as a downloadable pdf in the K-12 Evaluated Resource Collection.