Analytics Dashboard

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Access Your Digital Classroom Analytics Dashboard

Focused ED provides District and Independent school lead contacts with access to a Dashboard to view your use of the Digital Classroom Core Collection resources.* 

What is the Benefit of Viewing the Dashboard? 

  • To understand which resources are being used and by which school sites 
  • To develop targeted professional learning opportunities 
  • To contact Focused ED's Professional Learning Team with specific workshop requests 


Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide contains information on how to access and use the dashboard District and Independent School member contacts have been provided unique credentials and are responsible for managing this access 


Analytics Dashboard - Login 

Select 'Login with Elastic Search' on the screen

Technical Support

BC Digital Classroom Implementation and Support Technical Guide

 Access Methods: 

*Note that meaningful data is dependent on using one of the two recommended access methods. See Technical Details section above.

Member Access

Get access to enhanced member-only content with a user account:

  • Member Directory
  • Evaluated Resources
  • PIA Templates & Resources
  • Procurement Agreements