Custodial Supplies

Custodial Supplies [Updated 2023]

This program provides access to a wide range of custodial supplies and equipment across manufacturers / brands at competitive prices.

We are excited to share news of updates in our Custodial Supplies program. Having welcomed proposals from both new and existing suppliers, we have refined these programs to elevate their relevance and value for our members.

Two primary distributors have been selected; one was part of the previous program – Bunzl Canada– while the other, though new to Focused Education, will likely be a familiar name to many – Imperial Dade Canada(formerly Unisource; Veritiv Canada). Each distributor has been awarded on the basis of particular brands/manufacturers across the primary categories under the program.

In addition, a formal agreement has been established with Staples Professional, providing our members with the opportunity to explore competitively priced alternatives. 

Agreement Date:
Amendment Date:
Closing Date:
Asad Haidari

What To expect

The agreements offer the sector:

  • competitive pricing on a wide range of Custodial Supplies in various categories including Chemical, Cleaning Hardware and Consumables, Cloths and Towels, Dispensers, Garbage Bags, Gloves, Matting, Mechanized Equipment, Menstrual Products, and Paper Products
  • dedicated account representatives to provide support and responsive customer service
  • pre-established Master Core List [pricing]
  • discount structures for Member Core List

Master Core List: list of Core Products that supplier(s) maintains on an annual basis, in consultation with Focused Education. These products are high usage products commonly used by the K-12 community.

Member Core List: those products that a member would purchase from supplier(s) during the term of the Agreement, which are not included in the Master Core List and may only be used by that member. List will be developed and managed mutually by the supplier(s) and a member by establishing a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA).


If you would like to purchase against any of these agreements, discuss your needs/requirement with the supplier(s) and sign a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) [see Member Only Content].

You can work with the supplier to develop your Member Core List (products not available in the Master Core List) based on your additional requirements. The CPA provides opportunity for members to address member-specific terms such as delivery schedule, minimum order and payment schedule, etc.

A Master Agreement (MA) has established between Focused Education and each Supplier; Schedule A containing the primary clauses is available for download and review. If there are any specific clauses that you do not see in Schedule A, please let us know by email at


Bunzl (Primary)

Wayde Hayley, Sales Manager
(604) 202-6946

Imperial Dade (Primary)

Christopher Reeve, Sales Manager
(604) 839-3745

Staples Professional (Secondary)

Peter Fernandes, Sales Manager
(604) 290-4866


To truly gain a competitive advantage, Focused Education suggests you consider working with a single strategic supplier partner for core requirements, wherever possible. This approach ensures a strong, value-added relationship with many advantages, including:

  • exceptional supplier responsiveness
  • improved inter-operability
  • time and cost-saving process improvements
  • use of common platform
  • access to training
  • and more

Remember, Focused Education is available to support you in your decision-making.


In follow-up to the information session held January 11th, we are hosting a virtual meet-and-greet / introduction session with the awarded suppliers on January 25th, 10:00-11:30AM. Suppliers for Custodial Supplies will be joining the session at 10:00 AM.

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