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IT Hardware

End User Computing Devices (EUCD)

Computing Devices program provides access to a wide-range of end-user computing devices products [laptops; desktops] at competitive prices.



Focused ED is pleased to announce that we have established master Framework Agreements with the following suppliers:

  1. CDW Corp representing HP Devices
  2. DELL Canada Inc
  3. Northern Computer Inc NCI representing Lenovo Devices

Focused ED will work with the above suppliers to continue supporting the K-12 community during the initial 5-Year term of the agreements. 

Scope of Agreement

The agreements offer the sector competitive pricing on a wide range of End User Computing Devices in four (4) categories:

  1. Student includes Chromebooks, Desktop, Laptop
  2. Teacher/Staff includes Chromebooks, Desktop, 2-in-1 Laptops
  3. Power User includes Laptops, Desktops
  4. Peripherals includes Monitors, Docking Stations, and etc.

What You Can Expect

  • pre-established price and discount structures for each device listed in Schedule B 
  • provision of demonstration devices at no charge 
  • variety of warranty and service options based on members needs
  • dedicated account representatives to provide support and responsive customer service
  • Members of Focused Education can access / purchase against these agreements by establishing a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA)
  • Focused Education and/or Members can consolidate various member volumes and coordinate bulk purchases to negotiate lower rates with the supplier(s) 

Next Steps

  1. Refer to the published Schedule A (Deliverables), Schedule B (Rates) of each supplier
  2. If you would like to purchase against any of these agreements, discuss your needs/requirement with the supplier(s) and sign a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) which is published and available as Schedule C 

Suppliers' Account Executive Contact Information: 

  DELL Canada     Northern Computer Inc CDW 
Contact  Patrick D'Vaz Dave Pavlik Jessica Heim 
Title  Account Executive Executive Director/ Education Sales Manager, Business Development
Office 604.314.0691 250.448.1021 647.456.8347

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Asad Haidari
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