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Energy Management

Energy Management program provides access to a roster of qualified consultants who can support with energy audits and identifying projects to reduce carbon emissions.

Focused Education is pleased to announce that we have established a Qualified Consultant Roster ("Roster") with seven (7) Qualified Consultants. Focused Education will work with the Qualified Consultants to support the K-12 Community during the term of the Roster.  

What You Can Expect

Qualified Consultants can support members in identifying and prioritizing capital projects that most effectively reduce their carbon emissions to meet established targets in the CleanBC: Roadmap to 2030 of 40% reductions by 2030 for facilities and fleets. The Qualified Consultants can assist members with their energy audits of their facilities which include HVAC, HVAC Control, Building Envelope, Lighting, and fleet.  

  1. support members with energy management audit and capital project identification. This includes to identify and prioritize what projects school districts include on their capital plan submission each year to the BC Ministry of Education
  2. assess the current existing annual energy use in the member's facilities and develop ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit report
  3. identify opportunities and priorities for energy savings and efficiency projects and consider incentive/rebate programs available through FortisBC, BC Hydro and other organizations
  4. in energy management audit and capital project identification, consultants will demonstrate reductions in overall energy consumption and operating costs – includes savings in both gas (GJ) and electricity (KwH)
  5. provide cost estimates for new or modified equipment and other recommended measures
  6. provide a plan for implementation of energy conservation and/or mechanical optimization measures

All members of Focused Education can access the Roster. During the term of the Roster, members may select a Qualified Consultant or may invite the Qualified Consultants to compete in invitational second-stage competitive processes (“Roster Competitions”) for discrete work assignments involving the provision of the deliverables. When selecting a Qualified Consultant to perform a work assignment, members will determine the form of agreement and negotiate all contract terms directly with the selected Consultant. Focused Education may facilitate or support the school districts during these processes.

Next Steps

If you would like to engage with Qualified Consultants, discuss your facilities energy audits or have questions, please contact the Qualified Consultants.

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