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Portable Classrooms

Agreement for procurement of modular or portable classroom facilities.

Are Portable Classrooms part of your district’s Facilities Plan for School Year 2023/24?  If they are, Focused ED can help.

Currently, Focused Education has price structures set up with Aurora Cascade, Fort Modular and Freeport Industries.

Continued changes to student demographics (numbers, district of residence, etc.) coupled with the pace of major renovations and/or new school builds results in the continued expectation that districts continue to manage space constraints by augmenting permanent facilities with modular or portable classroom facilities.

Due to capacity constraints at Aurora Cascade, Focused Education has set up Price Structures with Fort Modular and Freeport Industries to help members with their Portable Classroom needs.


Focused Education makes no representation or warranty regarding the suitability of any person, organization or product listed by Fort Modular and Freeport Industries or that the products they provide comply with appropriate product, health, or safety regulations and/or standards. The School Districts wishing to use Fort Modular or Freeport Industries are required to verify the suitability, standard(s), quote(s) and timeline(s) prior to any agreements or statement of work with either of these two entities.

What You Can Expect

  • Base building (24’ x 40’) specifications tailored to the functional requirements of the K-12 sector
  • Design and construction allowances for BC Climate Zones
  • Optional add-ons
  • Negotiated pricing for 2022/23
  • Dedicated account representatives to deliver professional and responsive customer service in a timely manner

Next Steps

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