47,000 Beads

Adeyoha, K.; Adeyoha, A.
Peyton loves to dance, especially at the Pow Wow, but when Auntie Eyota notices that Peyton is dancing less and less, Peyton tells Auntie Eyota that they don’t want to wear a dress anymore. Auntie works with the community and elders to give Peyton support—and new regalia—as they all work together to accept, embrace, and celebrate who Peyton truly is. This engaging picture book celebrates Peyton’s journey of self-acceptance, gender fluidity, and embracing being Two-Spirit, and weaves into the story a glimpse into Indigenous culture and worldviews, including regalia, the Pow Wow, the role of elders, the importance of community, and acceptance of Two-Spirit people.
Indigenous, LGBTQ, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 1-3

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