Akim Aliu: Dreamer (Original Graphic Memoir)

Aliu, A.
Akim Aliu, who was born in Nigeria, raised in Ukraine, and immigrated to Toronto, is a Canadian professional hockey player whose story took him around the world, where he endured systemic racism, microaggressions, and physical abuse around every corner. Readers will learn how he persisted through adversity and pushed for positive transformation in his advocacy work to break down racial barriers in the hockey community. A biographical graphic memoir that recounts Akim’s story, shining a light on his resilience and determination as he confronted racist violence both on and off the ice, this story is suitable for upper-intermediate or early-secondary students. It lends itself well as part of a themed classroom or novel study set with themes that include racism, immigration, perseverance in adversity, sports heroes, or BIPOC. Teachers may invite students to examine details from the book and compare them to world events around racism occurring simultaneously.
English Language Arts
  • 6-9

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