Amber and Clay

Schlitz, L.A.
Melisto and Rhaskos, Amber and Clay, both yearn for freedom. Melisto is a young wealthy girl doomed to the restrictive life of a woman in Ancient Greece, and Rhaskos is nothing more than a stableboy. They both tell their emotionally intense stories of abuse, friendship, and finding freedom in this story that explores Ancient Greece’s religious, spiritual, political, and social beliefs in a historically accurate way, allowing intermediate-level students to understand and empathize with those ideas. In the classroom, the story may inspire students to engage in meaningful discussions about identity, friendship, loss, freedom, social structures, and symbolism. The book lends itself well to literature circles and may encourage readers to share their thoughts creatively and reflectively while exploring its themes, relationships, and plot development. It may segue into opportunities for journal writing, creative writing, and classroom conversations.
Arts Education
  • 6-9