Black Water: Family, Legacy, and Blood Memory

Robertson, D.A.
Weaving tales from the past and the present, David A. Robertson describes his life being the son of a Cree father and non-Indigenous mother in this easy-to-follow memoir. He has no understanding of his Indigenous roots, and he embarks on a journey to find his identity and memories, seeking to understand his father’s stories while reclaiming his connection to the land, dealing with his anxiety, and connecting to his identity. Suitable as a whole-class read-aloud or for reading in smaller groups, this novel may engage senior secondary students and inspire discussions about identity, culture, family, and residential schools. Students may be encouraged to reflect on their own identities, and there may be opportunities to explore topics about family, mental health, residential schools, and Canadian history.
Indigenous, ARC-BC, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 10-12

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