Case of the Missing Auntie, The

Join the Mighty Muskrats—four close-knit cousins from Windy Lake—in the second book of the series, “ The Case of the Missing Auntie,” as they work through complex conflicts and explore some hard, historical truths about Canada while searching for a missing auntie who was adopted to a non-Indigenous family during a historical event called the Sixties Scoop. An authentic First Peoples text, this easy-to-read novel will engage readers while helping to broaden their understanding of residential schools and providing information regarding Canadian policy and the treatment of Indigenous peoples, also highlighting its effects on individuals and families. Suitable for students in Grade 4–9, this novel offers opportunities for students to reflect on and discuss the impacts of Canada’s past treatment of Indigenous people and how it connects to Truth and Reconciliation today. Teachers may choose to use this resource as a novel study or to inspire inquiry projects or cross-curricular learning opportunities.
Sixties Scoop
residential schools
Hutchinson, M.
Primary Identifier
English Language Arts