Dragonfly Kites

Highway, T.; Deines, B.
This simple story about the power of imagination is told from the perspectives of two young boys as they enjoy their summer in northern Manitoba. It is a bilingual story told using both English and Cree that takes readers on an idyllic summer holiday in the northern wilderness, where animals are friends, where nature provides all the toys you could want, and where dragonflies can be flown like kites. “Dragonfly Kites” is suitable for students in Grade K–9 and could be used as a classroom read-aloud. Its usage of the two languages lends itself to lessons around culture and language and can facilitate an exploration of the similarities and differences between English and Cree. The book may also be used to introduce art lessons inspired by the boys’ inventiveness in nature as well as science projects about the animals that they encounter.
Indigenous, Novel
English Language Arts
  • K-9