Westover, T.
A memoir written by Tara Westover, “Educated” is gripping story about a young woman’s path to finding herself. Full of deep and complex conflicts, this novel investigates rich themes around education, maturity, family, and relationships as Tara recounts memories of her unconventional upbringing within a family of Mormon survivalists. Tara’s quest for knowledge and desire for education takes her on a journey of self-discovery as she learns about herself, her relationship with her family, and as she questions everything she has been raised to believe. Suitable as part of a literature circle or as an independent novel study, senior secondary school students may relate to many of the novel’s themes and identify with Tara’s quest to find her own identity and to reinvent herself. Teachers may use this novel to encourage readers to think critically and reflect on the ideas within and beyond the text, also inviting an exploration of autobiographies, point of view, and perspective.
English Language Arts
  • 11-12