Freddie the Flyer

Metcalfe-Chenail, D., Carmichael, F.
Fred Carmichael, the first Indigenous commercial pilot in the Arctic, shares his story, leading readers to embark on a journey spanning the whole year. His story highlights how flying a plane began as a young boy’s dream, and his tale traverses the seasons as readers grow their understanding of life in the Arctic while learning about the exciting adventures Freddy experienced as a pilot who overcame challenges to fulfill his dreams. Complemented by beautiful artwork, Gwich’in, and Inuvialuktun language, this resource lends itself well to a primary classroom. Students may be invited to reflect on seasonal changes they notice in their own environments during classroom discussions and read-aloud. Teachers may also segue into further research about life in the Arctic and the people and animals who inhabit it.
Indigenous, Novel
Applied Design, Skills & Technology
  • K-3

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