The Grief Keeper

Villasante, A.
With no other option but to flee El Salvador, Marisol is determined to do anything to save her sister from the dangers and threats in the country. She becomes a “grief keeper,” part of a medical experiment that forces her to take the grief of another into her body but allows her and her sister Gabi to stay in America illegally. An engaging novel for a young adult audience, this story offers several themes that students may connect with, and teachers may use the book to prompt discussions in the classroom. Gabi’s sexuality being illegal in El Salvador may invite further research on SOGI beliefs and laws in other countries. Students may also be encouraged to reflect on the idea of family relationships and what lengths one might go to in order to protect their family. Also, students may be invited to discuss what it means to be an undocumented immigrant and talk about the journeys and risks people take to come to another country.
LGBTQ, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 8-12