Keeshig and the Ojibwe Pterodactyls

Spade, K., Pedri-Spade, C.
A labour of love, this picture book is a story inspired, written, and illustrated by an Anishinaabe family and highlights how the mother’s heart is full of pride as her son, Keeshig, relays to her that the Ojibwe pterodactyls, or Thunderbirds, are the life force of Nanaboozhoo (incarnated as the land before them). Uncomplicated language and narrative visuals complement this tale, providing an authentic example of how Indigenous cultures grow and transmit stories. In a primary classroom, this picture book lends itself well as a read-aloud. It may inspire students to reflect on stories from their cultures, write them, and illustrate them. Teachers may wish to invite Indigenous elders into the class to further demonstrate the importance and significance of Indigenous oral storytelling.
Indigenous, Novel
Arts Education
  • K-4

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