Living With Viola

Fung, R.
Livy has just started a new school and feels isolated and alone. Her self-doubt about complicated friendships and the tensions in her family is brought to life by Viola, Livy’s dark twin that only she can see and hear, making her anxiety even worse. Livy fights against Viola’s judgement, insults, and doubts; she struggles to manage her anxiety and depression and finally seeks help from her family. Suitable for a middle-school audience, this engaging graphic novel may encourage discussions around culture, friendships, and identity. Teachers may use this story in the classroom to support lessons on social–emotional learning, mental health, friendships, or immigrant families in Canada. It lends itself well as a read-alone or part of a literacy circle. It may also be used to initiate discussions around Chinese culture, social relationships, anxiety, and learning who you are and where you fit in.
Career Education
  • 3-9

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