Burton, J.
Medusa has been banished to an isolated island after suffering at the hands of Poseidon and Athena with nothing but the crown of snakes that adorns her head. And when she meets Perseus, desire and love help drive her to reshape her sense of self and see her story of abuse in a new light. This story about growth, courage, acceptance, and empowerment retells the Greek tale of Medusa from a feminist lens. Powerful imagery, strong symbolism, complex paradoxes, and vivid watercolour illustrations highlight and support philosophical and thought-provoking themes of consent, beauty, abuse of power, inequity between men and women, and privilege. This resource is appropriate for high school students and is relevant to youth navigating these issues. The book lends itself well to initiating an exploration of gender norms and the story’s powerful themes.
English Language Arts
  • 9-12

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