Nitsitapiisinni Stories and Spaces: Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture

This Alberta-based website is an online reference tool that has been created by students and Elders of the Kainai Reserve. It provides descriptions of sixty-two indigenous plants in the Blackfoot region, including their medicinal, cultural, and spiritual uses, as well as the traditional stories and beliefs connected to each plant. Engaging and interactive, this resource is an authentic First Peoples text that allows for a broader understanding of local indigenous plants and their history. Suitable for students at any level, this resource may be of particular interest to teachers of Social Studies and Science at the elementary level, as it connects to many of the themes within those subject areas. Teachers may use this resource as a guide to create an inquiry project in cooperation with local Elders to record information on local plants. Additionally, students can study the interconnections between local Indigenous people, their land, plants, and the Creator.
Kainai plants
ancestral plant teachings
Kainai culture
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