This Place is Still Beautiful

Tian, X.
Annalie and Margaret are two sisters who have little in common. Annalie just wants to live a normal life, navigating first jobs and new boyfriends, while Margaret is a social justice advocate who fled to New York to escape the confines of their small town. And when their family home is the target of racist graffiti, their reactions to the vandalism couldn’t be more different, highlighting the complexities that sometimes arise in multicultural societies. A story that broaches complex conflicts with rich characterization and well-developed themes, this book portrays issues such as racism and stereotypes in a timely manner. It allows readers to broaden their understanding of race relations in the United States and beyond, especially anti-Asian sentiments. In a senior secondary classroom, the book is suitable for literature circles or independent reading, and its social justice themes could inspire formal and informal class discussions about these topics.
English Language Arts
  • 10-12

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