Shouting at the Rain

Hunt, L.M.
As summer rolls around, Delsie cannot wait to see her friend Brandy again, but Brandy has found a new friend, and now Delsie is heartbroken. As Delsie begins to learn to stand up for herself, she meets Ronan. Together, they build a solid friendship and support each other while navigating their different family dynamics. This engaging coming-of-age middle-year novel broaches themes such as differing socioeconomic statuses, family structures, and the consequences of substance abuse. Suitable for intermediate-level students, teachers may use the book as a read-aloud novel, in literature circles, or for an independent novel study. The story’s themes of friendship, identity, and self-discovery may inspire class discussions, and teachers could encourage students to respond to the text in creative writing sessions.
English Language Arts
  • 4-7