A Sky-Blue Bench

Rahman, B.
Based on the real-life experiences of Canadian author Bahram Rahman, this colourful and engaging picture book brings timely and important topics to light for young audiences. It is the story of Aria, who returns to a war-torn school after losing her leg in a terrible accident. Aria’s desire to learn inspires her to build herself a bench with the help of her family, friends, and community members, highlighting her resilience and perseverance and showing insight into the complexity of the human condition. A compelling story that draws on the experiences of school-aged children in Afghanistan, this book will allow primary and intermediate students to think critically and make connections to the real-life experiences of others, particularly those who have left their home country because of war. In the classroom, the book may prompt meaningful discussions about the impacts of war, the right to education for children, and living with a physical disability.
Applied Design, Skills & Technology
  • K-5