Some Other Now

Everett, S.
The Cohens have always been Jessi’s family, even though they aren’t her real family. But when the decisions of one night destroy everything, Jessi is left with nothing as she tries to piece everything back together. Readers will learn about Jessi’s mindset and choices before and after the night that dramatically changed her life, experiencing what Jessi does and being invited to understand her position. The novel will appeal to readers interested in exploring how people, especially teenagers, deal with grief and loss. It also broaches complex topics such as terminal illness, depression, and racism. In a Grade 10–11 classroom, the book lends itself to literature circles or as an independent novel choice. Teachers may also choose to use excerpts in a creative writing unit to study the use of point-of-view and flashbacks in this story.
English Language Arts
  • 10-11

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