The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling

Chim, W.
Anna is a Grade 11 student and daughter of immigrant Cantonese parents. She carries the world on her shoulders; as her mother struggles with mental illness, Anna must take care of her younger siblings and help her father at his restaurant. This story is a dynamic cross-over between culture, mental illness, and family, and it highlights timely themes of the impacts of mental health and the importance of seeking help. As Anna deals with family challenges, she learns from her love interest, Rory, about mental health and the dangers of suffering in silence. Suitable for senior-level students, this book allows readers to think critically and reflect on timely and important experiences pertaining to mental health. In the classroom, students may also be invited to consider the diverse experiences related to immigrant families. It lends itself to literature circle activities and to springboard discussions about mental health and its impacts on family dynamics and personal wellbeing.
Health, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 10-11

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