The Undercover Book List

Nelson, C.
When Jane leaves a note in a library book looking for a friend, she meets Tyson, a prankster who has never shown much interest in reading. But her invitation to join the Undercover Book Club sparks a new friendship, an exploration of classic literature, and a new attitude from the school bully. Offering a unique glimpse into the lives of two diverse characters, this story explores how stereotypes can be flawed and how acknowledging similarities can help new friendships form. In a middle-grade classroom, the book lends itself to a whole-class read-aloud. Teachers may also encourage classroom discussions about bullying and the importance of finding places of belonging and social connection within schools. This book may also inspire a school- or district-wide version of an Undercover Book Club, inviting a joy-of-reading movement.
English Language Arts
  • 4-5