That Way Madness Lies: 15 of Shakespeare's Most Notable Works Reimagined

Adler, D.
This anthology of short stories is a modernized reimagining of fifteen of William Shakespeare’s original works but with a contemporary twist. Each tale is created by a different writer, highlighting various points of view, unique perspectives and original writing styles that represent each writer’s diverse cultural perspectives. The bard’s themes are explored through the lens of young adult authors, broaching complex topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, perception of cultures, belief systems, perception and acceptance of current cultural norms, and socioeconomic inequality. In a secondary classroom, these stories may complement the study of original Shakespeare plays as a class or in literature circle groups. Students may be encouraged to study point of view, voice, writing styles, as well as other creative writing aspects. Teachers may also use the resource to invite students to explore further works by featured writers in this anthology.
English Language Arts
  • 10-12

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