A Work in Progress

Lerner, J.
Will Chambers is a middle school boy who struggles with his weight. He suffers from a negative body image, poor mental health, and difficulties with friendships. But when Will meets Markus, his friend helps him see himself more positively and encourages him to be kinder to himself. With help from his family and doctors, he learns to build a healthy relationship with his body. This novel is written in prose, in the form of Will’s diary, and includes complex personal conflicts and well-developed themes through storytelling and the pictures in the journal-like resource. In an intermediate classroom, the book is suitable as a read-aloud or for independent reading, and its unique format may inspire teachers to share excerpts to demonstrate the diversity of poetry. Students may be able to relate to Will’s struggles with his body image and frustrations, as well as his journey to self-acceptance.
Health, Novel
English Language Arts
  • 5-7

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