Digital Classroom Core Collection 2023

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What is the Digital Classroom Collection?

The Digital Classroom Collection contains a set of quality digital reference resources that have been evaluated for their usefulness in supporting B.C. curriculum and instruction. It is offered as a bundled license with a central point of access to bring a cost-effective solution to Focused Education members.

School Districts and independent schools who subscribe to the Digital Classroom core collection have the option to license additional à la carte resources at special member pricing.

Changes to the Core Collection for 2023-2024

The Digital Classroom Collection core collection has been updated for 2023 as follows:

  • the addition of NFB Campus and Twig Science/Math Grades 6-9.
  • moving EBSCO products from the core to the à la carte order list.

View product information here. View visual reference charts for the core collection and the à la carte collection.

New: NFB Campus and Media School     User Guide (EN)        User Guide (FR)

For information on pricing and licensing, contact

For information on the educational content of the resources, contact

How Do I Order?

Members who currently license the Core Collection receive an automatic renewal invoice each year. À la carte items may be selected in the same renewal period.

For new licensees to the Core Collection or to add à la carte products during the school year contact


Educator Supports

View the Professional Learning Team support page for professional learning resources and opportunities available to members.

Technical Implementation and Deployment Information

Note: The widget and Technical Support users guide are being updated prior to September 2023.

Widget: Create seamless and maintenance free integration of the BC Digital Classroom resources into your own school or district web page by inserting widget code into your pages. This will keep your links current and accessible through any future changes to the resource bundle.

Technical Support:

Guide for current collection until June 30, 2023: Updated Sept 2021 Digital Classroom Implementation and Support Technical Guide.

IP Updates: When your district closes or opens new school sites or changes any associated IP addresses or domains, your Implementation Spreadsheet must be revised so that service is not interrupted. Notify Focused Education of any of these changes, so we can maintain access: