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Fact or Fallacy: Is Cloud Storage Safer Than On-Premises Databases?

Ransomware is devastating because attackers can effectively hold data hostage and force K-12 school districts to pay exorbitant sums. If these demands aren't met, hackers could sit on that encrypted data forever, distribute it or even destroy it. But, should you pay? Probably not.

Technology used by educators in abrupt switch to online school shared kids' personal information, investigation shows

Millions of students in Canada and around the world had their personal information sent to advertisers and data brokers when governments made an abrupt switch to online learning during the pandemic, according to a new report that reveals safety gaps in educational technology.

FOIPPA Foundations

This module covers: An overview of the domains of information management Who to go to with questions about privacy or access to information The two primary privacy laws in B.C., the purpose of each law, and their application

Amendments strengthen access to information, protect people's privacy

British Columbia is taking important steps to strengthen B.C.'s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) to deliver better, more inclusive services to people, businesses and public-sector organizations. "The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, work, connect with loved ones and access the services we need.

Tech used in online learning, including CBC Kids, harvested children's personal data, report claims | CBC News

Children across the globe and Canada who used online educational technology during the pandemic had their personal data secretly harvested and sent to advertising companies, according to a new report published by Human Rights Watch.

How Direct-to-Consumer Marketers Are Chasing Customers After Privacy Changes

Direct-to-consumer startups that once advertised primarily on Facebook and Instagram are still adapting strategies to reach consumers on and off social media more than a year after a privacy policy change by Apple Inc. upended the digital advertising landscape.

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